“What You Resist, Persists.” – Carl Jung


This picture of me is about as good as it gets lately … un-styled hair, no make-up, and old sweats.  Almost four weeks ago I had “girl surgery,” and let’s just say recovery has been quite interesting.  Although I wasn’t looking forward to this procedure, my focus remained on how much it was going to improve the quality of my life.  As we all know, a positive attitude is always a good thing, but I realize now that I neglected to properly prepare myself for the actual recuperation process.  As the days and weeks passed, and I continued to experience fatigue and discomfort (What an understatement!), I found myself getting bluer and bluer.  After some reflection, I finally recognized it was because I was wishing to be further along in my healing journey, instead of accepting where I actually was.  Sound familiar?  I’m sure it does because it’s something we humans tend to do all the time!  Unfortunately, doing so makes things even worse.  The consequences of fighting what we don’t like in our lives keeps us stuck, and can eventually lead to anxiety and depression.

It is only when we can completely accept where we are, that we obtain a peaceful state of mind and can begin to discover the positive in a situation.  Everything in our lives is an opportunity to learn and grow.  Yes, even recovering from surgery.  This time has provided me with a chance to reflect on what I already enjoy about my profession, but also explore how I can begin incorporating other healing modalities that I have come to love, such as Reiki.  It also reminded me that these exact practices could assist with the progress of my own healing!

Is there something in your life that you have been refusing to accept?  If so, try to remember that it’s normal for life events to throw us off track sometimes, but through acceptance of these situations we can discover strengths we never knew we had, and become open to implementing strategies that lead to even greater personal growth.  Acceptance won’t transform “what is,” but it just may transform you!

“Accept – then act.  Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it.  Always work with it, not against it.”― Eckhart Tolle