Confessions from the Coach

As someone people trust to help them with their health challenges, it has always been important to me that I remain open and honest with them as well.  I have never hidden the fact that I don’t prescribe to any particular food regimen, I do enjoy what many people would consider unhealthy foods in moderation, sometimes I find it challenging to stick with consistent exercise, and once in a blue moon, this “health” and “wellness” consultant gets sick.  Yes, like right now unfortunately.

As a child, I am not exaggerating when I say I was sick all of the time.  I’m sure the fact that I am very sensitive by nature had something to do with it, but there is no doubt my diet played a significant role.  Dinners were always homemade and prepared lovingly by my mother, but the only vegetable I can remember eating was corn, and the occasional raw carrot.  The rest of the day consisted of sugary breakfast cereals, sandwiches made on white bread (Fluffernutter was my favorite!), and who could forget those beverages loaded with sugar and artificial coloring that promised to offer you a PUNCH!

Luckily, over the years my diet has greatly improved, and as it has, so has my health.  But here I am, in bed, and extremely miserable I might add.  My first instinct was to feel sorry for myself, but then I remembered how I’m always asking my clients to look at any symptoms that are causing them discomfort to see if there are any lessons to be learned.  It didn’t take me very long to see why I needed to get sick.

Over the past several months I had fallen back into the pattern of being overly emotionally involved in the lives of my loved ones, which of course affects me physically as well.  My body had probably tried to give me signs that I had been neglecting it a bit, but when I ignored them, it decided to hit me with something I couldn’t ignore, illness.  Heck, it doesn’t take more than looking at my last blog post dated October 29th and entitled “My 34-Day Walking Meditation: Half-Way There!” to prove that I haven’t been focused on myself.  I never even shared that I successfully completed my challenge, and continued the practice until cold temperatures and inclement weather forced me indoors.  I am sensitive, remember?

So, why am I sharing this with you?  Because my illness put me back on the path I needed to be, and I am hoping that you will remember to look for the divine message hidden within any unwanted symptoms you may be experiencing as well.  Whether it is weight challenges, digestive issues, or an illness that puts you in bed for several days, I guarantee the message is there.  You just need to listen.

The body never lies.” – Martha Graham