Oh, Nuts!

One of the top snacks I recommend to my clients is fruit with nuts.  The health benefits of fruit are endless … from helping to prevent a host of diseases to greater longevity.  As for nuts, in addition to their heart-healthy fat content, they are also a great source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  And, both rank high on the satiety index, which means no hunger pangs for you!

Unlike fruit, however, nuts have a high calorie and fat content, so even though they are healthy, it’s not a good idea to eat more than a serving or two each day.  For this reason, I recommend buying individual packs of natural nuts, and pre-measured pouches of nut butters.  In addition to keeping you from eating too much, they offer the convenience of being portable.  If you cannot find your favorite nuts in single serving packs, I encourage you to create your own small snack bags.  Here is a list of 100-calorie portions to help you out:

100 Calories =

3 Large Brazil Nuts
6 Macadamia Nuts
7 Walnut Halves
10 Pecans
11 Cashews
14 Almonds
20 Peanuts
30 Pistachios
1 Tablespoon Most Nut Butters