Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho … It’s Off to the Farm We Go!

Recently I was reminiscing with my family about how much I loved Saturday mornings as a child.  Yes, my day would start with cartoons, and if I woke up early enough, my all-time favorite show – Chief Halftown!  However, my best memories are what happened after getting in some TV time.

My mother would load my brother and myself in the car, and we were off for groceries.  We didn’t head to the IGA in town, however.  We went to the butcher, the baker, and the dairy (you thought I was going to say “candlestick maker,” didn’t you?).  At each stop, we left with not only fresh, healthy food for the week, but also goodies to keep us satisfied until our next stop.

Last summer I took my youngest to a local farm, and it was just like the good old days.  We had so much fun picking out fresh vegetables, cheeses, and baked goods to surprise the family with.  And, all the way home, we munched on the best carrots we ever tasted!

This weekend we’ll be heading to that same wonderful farm, and have plans to visit a local farmer’s market as well.  Just in case this post has you hungry for some of the healthiest and yummiest foods on the planet as well, I thought I’d share some tips with you.

  • First of all, don’t forget a basket or some recyclable bags for your purchases.  And, if you are planning on buying any meats or dairy products, a cooler with ice packs is a must.
  • Thanks to smart phones, many markets are now accepting credit and debit cards, but just in case, be sure you take some cash.
  • For the best selection, you’ll want to arrive early, but oftentimes, turning up later gets you some pretty good deals.  Of course, we’ll be heading to our favorite farm around lunchtime so we can enjoy a slice of homemade, brick oven pizza!
  • Be sure to try something new!  The farmer is usually there, and happy to share ideas on how to prepare any interesting produce that you buy.

So, not sure where find local farms and farmers’ markets in your area?  Just go to Local Harvest and type in your city or area code for a list of farms, farmers’ markets, and even CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture) near you.  Just some of my personal favorites in the Lehigh Valley are the Emmaus Farmers’ Market, Macungie Farmers’ Market, and Willow Haven Farm.

So, if this post still hasn’t convinced you it’s time to start enjoying ultra-fresh food with tons of flavor and vitamins, then you need to read The Benefits of Shopping at a Farmers’ Market.  For those of you that I have persuaded, though, I’d love to hear about your experiences!


“We started out to save the family farmer.  Now it looks like the family farmer is going to save us.” –  Willie Nelson