Trust the Journey

It was only a few short weeks ago that I spent a fun week at Disney World with my family, and here I am, just returning from another vacation. The truth is that although the getaway to Florida with my family was enjoyable, it was far from relaxing. As a matter of fact, our trips to Mickey’s House, as my children called it when they were younger, have always left me feeling as if I needed a vacation to recover from the vacation.

So, when I realized my youngest would be in Detroit for a youth gathering with our church a few weeks after our Florida trip, I booked a week at one of my favorite seaside escapes. This time, however, I promised myself I was still going to do some work, so I packed my laptop and portable internet device.

I relished in a few days of rest, and then it was time to get some work done. Much to my dismay, however, I could not connect to the internet. After spending entirely too much time unsuccessfully trying to remedy the problem, I decided it was time to surrender. After all, this was supposed to be my RELAXING vacation!

Now many people believe surrendering is a negative thing, and I can certainly understand why. All you have to do is look up the definition of the word to see it pretty much means “to give up.” To me, however, surrender has a different meaning: “to let go and trust.” So, that’s what I chose to do … let go of my preconceived plans, and just trust that I wasn’t meant to be working during my getaway. To reaffirm my decision, while shopping in a gift store one evening, I came across a bracelet with the words “Trust Your Journey” inscribed on it. (And, yes, I bought the bracelet!)

I believe letting go and trusting that the Universe has our best interests in mind, even when things don’t work out exactly as planned, is something we all need to do more often. Whether it’s pertaining to our health, or any other big or small obstacles that may arise. For me, lack of internet connection gave me the gift of quality time with a dear friend of mine, followed by a longer than expected visit from my hubby. I don’t think my time with either of them would have been the same had I not been able to trust my journey.

Can you surrender and trust YOUR journey? The destination just may surprise you!

“I am learning to trust the journey even when I do not understand it.”~ Mila Bron