To Journal, or Not to Journal

As a nutrition and wellness coach, I find it extremely helpful when my clients keep a food diary.  It allows both of us to see what they are really eating, and gives us insight into eating patterns, such as when and why they eat.  With all of this awareness, I’m sure it comes as no surprise that studies show dieters who track their food intake lose twice as much weight as those who don’t.

Some people, however, find journaling to be a negative experience.  I think this especially pertains to people who tend to be perfectionists, and those who possess “all or nothing” thoughts.  If you happen to fall into one or both of these categories, I still encourage you to keep a food diary, but only record the positive choices you make, and set a goal to increase the amount of entries you record each day.

So, obviously, this blog entry is to encourage YOU to use the powerful tool of journaling.  It doesn’t matter if you record your entries in a small notebook, on your computer, or on your phone, what matters is that you do it.  Seeing the foods you’ve eaten in black and white will help reduce mindless eating, and give you the knowledge needed to make gradual changes to your diet, leading to a happy, healthy you in the coming year.