Hurricane Sandy

As I write this, it has been four days since the arrival of Hurricane Sandy, and my family is still without power.  Luckily, we were given plenty of time to prepare for this storm.  We purchased a small generator, and stocked up on water and healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables.  One problem … after being in the cold for a few days (okay, hours!), the last thing we wanted to eat was a crunchy apple or a crispy salad.  Comfort food, that’s what we wanted!  Over the past four days, we’ve eaten our fair share of take-out, and my hand has dipped into the Halloween candy basket more times than I even care to think about.  But you know what?  This is life.  Despite our best intentions, there will be power outages, or even wonderful vacations with family and friends, to throw us off course.  Slip-ups are normal, and to be expected, on our journey to a healthy, fit life.  The important thing is that we move on, and once the power returns or the vacation is over, we continue to make choices that support our healthy lifestyle.  Choices that will lead to a Radiant You!  Sending loving thoughts to everyone who has been affected by this storm.