Welcome to Radiant You


Are you feeling like you’ve lost your way?  Is lack of clarity in your life causing you stress?  Do you wish you could feel happier and more peaceful?  More content with where you are in your life?

I completely understand!

There was a time in my life when trying to be everything to everyone left me feeling exhausted, disconnected, and depressed.

Thankfully, one day I decided to take my power back.  My journey has led me to some wonderful healing modalities that have helped me return to my wholeness, and find the peace, love, joy, and contentment I was searching for … right within myself!

My name is Eva Stephens, and I would love to share what I have learned with you, and help you become a more Radiant You too!

Imagine being so connected to yourself that you no longer need to look outside of yourself for answers.  You feel empowered, knowing you are living authentically and being guided by your intuition.  

This is what is possible when you renew your connection to yourself and the light within.

Radiant You … because we’re all meant to shine!

I was recommended to Eva by a family member when I expressed feeling anxious. I spoke to her over the phone due to social distancing regulations, and just the sound of her soothing voice and calming words instantly put me at ease. She helped me through breathing techniques and we talked through some feelings I was harboring. I instantly felt a weight lifted off of my shoulders. I will absolutely be speaking to Eva again soon. I absolutely love her!

Gabby T. - Virginia