There is a quote by author Charles de Lint that reads “Nothing’s different, but everything has changed.”  This is one of my favorite quotes because it represents what happens once you start living authentically.  Inside you’ll find a peace and contentment that surpasses all of life’s perceived obstacles.

As a Spiritual Healing Guide, I hold a space for people to rediscover the wholeness of who they are, and help them attain the peace and contentment they have been inadvertently searching for outside of themselves.  With the knowingness that everything they seek is already within, profound physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation can begin.

Using a combination of health-giving modalities, my clients are able to release blocks that may be holding them back from realizing the hopes, dreams and wishes for their life.

In a world where it’s common to approach wellness from a state of fear, I have consciously decided to choose a different path … love.  I believe that when people come from a place of loving-kindness, compassion and respect towards themselves, they will intuitively do what is best for their overall health and happiness.

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Energy Healing Sessions – $75
Sessions include a blend of healing modalities to help cleanse the energy system, balance chakras, and restore the mind, body, soul connection.

Spiritual Self-Care Sessions – $115
These sessions introduce “positive prescriptions” … small practices to help you live a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

Soul Expression Workshops – $40
Soul Expression workshops bring together quiet reflection and active creativity to help reconnect you with your soul.  Visit us on Facebook for a listing of upcoming events.

Energy Healing Sessions

Energy Healing Sessions include a blend of holistic modalities such as Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, and Crystal Healing.

Since it is believed that most dis-ease begins with disturbances in the energy field, these sessions aim to clear these imbalances and blockages in order to help return you to a more balanced state.

Although this modality is not a cure for illness, it may assist the body in creating an environment that facilitates healing, and therefore is a wonderful complement to traditional medicine.

Energy Healing is a great tool for stress and relaxation, and encourages better sleep.  It increases the body’s vital energy, and removes any energies you may be holding in your body that don’t belong to you.

Excellent for renewing the mind, body, soul connection!

Spiritual Self-Care Sessions

Spiritual Self-Care Sessions are designed to help bring more peace, joy and contentment into your life!

By incorporating simple (and often fun!) practices into your daily routine, you can begin to nurture yourself in a way you’ve never done before.

Renewing this connection with yourself will help you discover that the answers you seek are already within you, and you’ll begin to feel more empowered to become the creator of your own life.

Your “positive prescription” is waiting!

Soul Entrainment®

Soul Entrainment® helps bring clarity, insight and healing to anything you want answered or resolved in your life.  This amazing process will gift you with the ability to see into your Soul, where all the answers you have been searching for already reside.  This process is not only empowering, but also naturally guides you to healing and resolving issues that no longer serve you.  Soul Entrainment® can help you uncover answers regarding relationships, health, life purpose, finances, and more.  The Soul always guides with unconditional love, support and protection, so you can trust that you will receive exactly what you need.

Soul Expression Workshops

Your soul is the love and light within that guides you on this journey called life.  Unfortunately, in this noisy world, it’s often difficult to hear the wisdom and guidance of your soul, and without it, you may find yourself feeling confused, stuck, and continually searching for answers outside yourself.

Soul Expression workshops bring together quiet reflection and active creativity to help reconnect you with your soul.  When you realign with this innate part of your being, it’s like an internal compass … bringing insight, clarity and healing, so you can begin living your best life.

Workshops begin with a Soul Entrainment® meditation led by Spiritual Healing Guide, Eva Stephens.  Afterwards, a featured artist will guide you through a creative project to further express your beautiful inner light.

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“I have been seeing Eva for over a year now and she amazes me every single time!  Eva has a natural gift for empowering your spirit and soul all while making you feel comforted, safe, and loved!  Her kindness is genuine and she always follows up sessions with warm thoughts and messages.  She truly cares about your spiritual and emotional well being!  Eva has aided me in finding a calmness in myself that I couldn’t obtain before and allows me to pay that forward to other friends and family members that need it.  I highly recommend Eva.  Lynn – Allentown, PA


“I was recommended to Eva by a family member when I expressed feeling anxious. I spoke to her over the phone due to social distancing regulations, and just the sound of her soothing voice and calming words instantly put me at ease. She helped me through breathing techniques and we talked through some feelings I was harboring. I instantly felt a weight lifted off of my shoulders. I will absolutely be seeing/speaking to Eva again soon. I absolutely love her!”  Gabby T. –  Virginia


“So … I had preconceived notions of Soul Entrainment (which were wrong).  Mostly, I thought I had heard of all the healing modalities, and that this one, was just a version of others.  In addition, I wrote out all of my very well-planned questions regarding my session, and later came to find, none of it was necessary.

By far, I will say that my session with Eva was one of the most powerful I have ever experienced.  The combination of Eva’s training, and true divine soul wisdom, brought me healing in a flash, that would’ve taken many months in therapy to accomplish.  Eva’s style, and voice, gave me such trust and ease, that what was revealed during my session was far more accurate than I expected.  Mind-blowing really, I was ecstatic after my session, and highly recommend it to anyone.”  Lisa P. – Miami, FL


“Eva was wonderful in guiding me to a relaxed state and helping me to resolve an issue that has long troubled me.  Eva was soothing, wise, and extremely skilled in guiding me through the Soul Entrainment process.  I am grateful to her for sharing this experience with me, and highly recommend this to all of you.”  Patty L. – Buffalo, NY


“After an unexpected surgery, with a 2-month recovery, I was left feeling disconnected. I couldn’t sleep through the night and found my day time energy surrounded in a fog. It was like being in a life ring, safe but being pushed by all the currents around me, no longer having my own tether. I had read how certified Reiki instructors can help release blocked energy, restoring its natural flow throughout the body. After consulting about this with Eva, I decided to try a session with her.

Although I never had a Reiki session before, Eva helped me feel comfortable. Before we started, she explained the process from start to finish. The room was warm, quiet and peaceful with soft meditative music and white noise playing throughout the session. Eva patiently worked throughout the 45-minute session. I found that she too felt the gathered energy. She steadily welcomed the energy and guided it to move purposefully from my head, into my shoulders, arms, hands and throughout my core. As the knots in my chest and stomach eased, I felt the energy move into my legs and feet. A more natural breath filled my core and I felt grounded.

Although Eva took the time to explain what she discovered throughout the session, I knew my own renewed energy was enough to feel the session was worthwhile. Once again, I could feel a sense of calm moving easily through my soul and a sturdiness to my balance. And … that night, I slept through the night, the first time in 3 months!”  Susan A. – Quakertown, PA